What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber resilience is the ability for your business to survive and thrive through any cyber incident or disruption. Your business is facing asymmetrical cyber warfare, with attacks coming from all sides. Cyber Resilience Quick Check* provides a quick analysis of the gaps between your vulnerabilities and your defenses looking at the 4 core elements of your business: people, processes, technology and vendors.

Are you ready to start your journey?

*The data collected in this survey is anonymous unless you choose to request a consultation. You may view the complete privacy policy at any time here.

About Accurate Cloud Solutions, LLC

Accurate Cloud Solutions, LLC was born to help empower the Hybrid Office and the distributed workforce. We deliver a One-Stop-Shop solution for all your technology and cybersecurity needs. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver the best-in-class technology  tools and services to guide businesses in an ever-changing work environment.

From Reactive to Resilient

Businesses still working in a cybersecurity reactive state will be quickly left behind. Customers want to trust that a business is doing its due diligence to protect their data.

Creating a culture of cyber resilience moves your business into a proactive state. Planning, preparation and active monitoring allow you to detect, deal with and move past a cyber incident faster.

CyberCompass offers all you need to build cyber resilience in less than 90 days.

Information + Application = Resilience

Cyber Resilience Quick Check gives you a brief overview of your vulnerabilities across your people, processes, technology and vendors.

The full power of CyberCompass navigates you through the complexity of cybersecurity, compliance and privacy regulations from assessment to on-going management.

Our assessments and scans empower you to know your vulnerabilities, while our tool and guidance help you apply it to your business.

The CyberCompass Difference

CyberCompass offers a one-stop solution that covers your entire business ecosystem.

Our complete coverage is 1/3 the cost of a full time CISO and you get:

  • Updated policies, procedures and strategic plans
  • A virtual Chief Information Security Officer, Privacy Officer and Compliance Officer
  • Cyber coverage through North American Data Security RPG

What to expect during Cyber Resilience Quick Check?

This is a micro-assessment that gives you a general overview of risks and vulnerabilities. Some things to remember before starting:

  • Be honest. This is solely for the benefit of your business
  • The survey takes less than 10 minutes, but you can return if you have to stop
  • This is not a comprehensive security risk assessment
  • Multiple compliance regulations were referenced in the writing of survey questions