Why Proactive Cyber Risk Managment?

  • Lawsuits resulting from stolen patient data
  • Patients suffer identity theft, stress, disruptive life
  • Costly breach remedies
  • Expensive audit fines
  • Negative social media

Why CyberCompass™?

  • Companies gain visibility into their IT threat environment with dramatically streamlined Cyber Risk assessments tied to comprehensive compliance standards.
  • Companies build resilience with prioritized corrective actions that address their most pressing threats and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Companies stay vigilant with a comprehensive platform for managing vulnerabilities across people, processes, and technology.

Why It's Important?

  • GDPR fines have started and are in the billions for large companies
  • HHS OCR levied over $28 million in fines in 2018
  • 60% of small businesses shutter after a cyber attack
  • Fines are most often associated with lack of periodic risk assessments and risk management
  • The average compliance score of businesses is an astounding 14%
Head in the sand!
“There are now only two types of companies left in the United States: those that have been hacked and those that don’t know they’ve been hacked. “
Robert Mueller III, Director of the FBI

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